Hey there, my name is Jen. If you're new here, welcome! For those that are returning, thank you!

Let me (re)introduce myself real quick with a few fun (ok, they're random and probably uneccessary) facts about me: 

  • I'm a proud mom to two pups, a cat, and a bunny. 

  • I have a serious addiction to coffee.

  • When I'm not in the salon, I love to learn! You can catch me learning about anything hair related or about my camera. I'm a little obsessive, I guess...

  • My husband and I love to travel! One day we dream of moving to Hawaii<3

  • I have been in the hair industry 10 years now. HOW CRAZY!

Now that you've hopefully gotten a small idea of who the woman behind the chair is, scroll down and check out my work (along with my updated Policy section) and click on the BOOK NOW button to schedule a chunk of time so that we can really get to know each other!

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